{Past Event: August 20 – 26, 2016 at Peacock Pavilions}

Your Self Investment and Payment Plan

Your investment is $2997. Flexible payment plans are available to suite your budget needs. 

  • Pay $597 USD deposit to hold your place. Use the secure payment button below.

  • Pay 50% of your remaining balance by May 21, 2016. Pay 100% of your remaining balance by July 9, 2016.

  • Example payment plan: pay in 3 instalments of $800 USD (2 payments due by May 21 and final payment due by July 9, 2016).

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express via the secure and compliant Stripe commerce system. Marie Milligan can also accept payment via bank transfer or PayPal. Email Marie at: to arrange this. All monies are paid to Marie Milligan, Founder of Wild Women Do and Retreat Leader, registered as 'Marie Milligan' sole trader in the UK. 

After you've purchased your deposit, you'll receive an automatic email Order Confirmation (please save for your records). You'll also receive an email inviting you to a Private Connection Call where we will confirm what dates you'd like to pay your remaining balance to suite your budget schedule.

Peacock Pavilions price all services during the retreat in USD and we have done the same. The exchange rate may fluctuate up and down. The price was equivalent to HMRC exchange rate (£1 to $1.523 USD on 1 October 2015).

Please read our Cancellation Policy before booking.

Image: Peacock Pavilions. Freshly-prepared cocktails are served to you.

Image: Peacock Pavilions. Freshly-prepared cocktails are served to you.

Our Extra Retreat Reassurance to You

We know what it's like when you arrive on that rare retreat and holiday and you struggle to switch off for days. Every time you try to relax you think of all the things you think you "should" be doing instead of enjoying yourself fully...

You lose precious days of your holiday worrying about your life and business at home, and even trying to help your body remember how to fully relax and have fun! 

We want you to relish your time with us from the moment you step on that plane and through those exotic doors. So, before the Retreat, we'll provide you with tips for Wild Women Who Want More Time and Money to Relax, Create and Travel.

Chock-full of life and business coaching tips, it'll help you get your guilt in check (yes, you can take time off and invest in yourself!), get your schedule clear, marketing automated, clients cared for, family and finances prepped ready for you to be fully relaxed and present on this wonderful retreat. 

Feel reassured knowing you've got everything taken care of so you can reawaken your Wild Woman creative-spirit in the luxury of Peacock Pavilions and the spiritual landscape of Marrakech.


We can't wait to enjoy this experience with you in Morocco!

Love, Marie and Deborah x

Ps. Remember to download our 7-Day Retreat Calendar overview to start planning your trip!