Relax, reconnect and reawaken your Wild Woman at her creative source.

We'd like to give you this free, 20-minute healing meditation guide to enhance your yoga practice on the mat or creative practice wherever you create. Your meditation guide today is Yoga, Wellness & Embodiment Teacher, Deborah Willimott. 

Listening to this 20-minute healing meditation will be a perfect ease into relaxation at the start of your solo yoga practice and can even be used to aid your creative practice and business performance too. 

During the meditation you may notice your mind wandering, resisting the time to relax. Just notice without judgment. Let the words float by. It's all part of the process.

Download Your Free, 20-Minute Meditation

So when you're ready, let yourself soak into the bliss of pure relaxation.

Getting the Best from Meditation

Repeat every day for 7 days to get deep-rooted results.

  • Try both morning and evening to see which you prefer. 
  • Ideally use at the start of your yoga and/or creative practice in the day.
  • Meditate lying down preferably (or sitting up).
  • Put a rolled blanket under your knees if your lower back is tight. 
  • A heavy folded blanket over your hips and pelvis can activate your parasympathetic nervous system ('rest and digest').
  • Put a "me-time" sign up to be fully present. 
  • Turn off phones and all distractions.
  • Ensure you hydrate well afterwards. 

The Benefits of Daily Meditation

Listening to your free guided healing meditation, especially as part of your yoga and creative practice, will enable you to feel relaxed, reconnected and reawakened at a deeper cellular level. 

You'll feel lighter, less tension and feel more grounded to the earth. When your body is relaxed you feel centred at your core and energy flows freely. 

Your intuition and creativity is more readily available. You may start to feel decision making is easier too, as your mind is calm and relaxed.

You'll notice less resistance to relaxation when repeated daily. You will feel more present in your mind, body and soul and be more aware when you need to stop.

This free meditation guide is available to you daily to bring relaxation and a sense of calm inner peace when you need it most.

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About Deborah Willimott 


Deborah is an in-demand Yoga, Wellness and Embodiment Practitioner living in Taunton, Somerset, UK. She is also a professional Writer with years of experience writing for leading women's magazines.

Deborah is invited often to teach yoga and sometimes cook on retreats worldwide including our Wild Women Do Retreat In Marrakech. She teaches weekly yoga classes in Taunton. View her yoga ideology on Yoga Alliance or on The Body Hive.


Cover Image: Issara Willenskomer, Seattle