Wild Women Do is a coaching resource and sisterhood for creative, entrepreneurial women ready to return to soul-centred living and the
creative doing that nourishes them and impacts the globe. 

A holistic and trusted space to realign your lifestyle and business with your
Wild Woman, creative soul and improve your wellness while you do.


Wild Woman, you started your creative journey with a vision:

You'd design and live an unconventional, creative and healthy life you loved.
You'd create the passion products, creative projects and ideas you'd imagined.
You'd create a nourishing business to sustain your dreams and reflect the true you.

But then… your focus shifted.

You had to make more money so focused on quick-sale service-offerings instead.
You spent hours being busy with the business which lead to disappointing results. 
Your deep desires got lost in a sea of overwhelm and chaos and ideas pushed aside.

Now, even if successful, you feel stuck or you want change.

You want to centre to your Wild Woman creative self and authentic lifestyle.
You want to return to ideas you've longed to create, complete and launch.
You want to repurpose your business model and offerings so you're profiting in the short-term and long-term from creations that nourish you and impact too.  

You want a clear, creative and transformative plan of efficient action with accountability and encouragement every step of the way.


If this is your story (and it is for so many!):

Welcome Wild Woman, you’re in the right place.

Work with Marie as your Coach and join our sisterhood:

  • Be supported to realign your life with your Wild Woman, creative soul. 

  • Decide which creations you'll make now and produce the goods on time.

  • Get your business back to profitable and reflecting the real you. 

  • Have the strategy, plan, resources and courage to get it all done.