When you find your creative tribe, absolutely everything seems more doable.

You're a woman with creative, entrepreneurial ideas – more than your notebooks can store. 
You've already had some success in business, or are in the early years of starting up. 

You've been trying to share your ideas, expertise and wisdom with the world. 
But you've not yet managed to reach or help as many people as you hoped.


You've most likely being doing a lot, with very little support, and not been asking for help. 
You've not quite agreed to invest time or money in yourself, or your business.

See which of these reasons resonate below, about what's really stopping you asking for support.

  1. You're creative, and your ideas are precious to you, but you also value autonomy, independence, freedom of thought, and especially love creative control, so don't really want to pass on anything to anyone else.  

  2. You're entrepreneurial, and more than capable, so like to start something and see it through. You also worry if you delegate, it won't be done to the high-quality you want your creations to be seen or sold to the world. 
  3. You're a doer, a giver, a supporter of others – and like to just "get on and do it", because you believe it will be faster, easier, and you don't want to "bother others" by asking for their help.
  4. You're unclear and overwhelmed, because there are many layers of ideas or challenges you're trying to tackle, all at once, and just too much information out there to decipher.
  5. You've a money mindset block, and find it difficult to part with hard-earned cash, to invest in yourself and your dreams. You think if you just struggle on alone, the solution will come (though you're doing the same things).

Were you nodding your head there at all?

Right, so it's time to connect with your Wild Women Do tribe.

First, hear this.

  1. You are not alone in business, and never need to be, ever.

    There are trusted, creative, holistic business networks where you can be supported with your lifestyle goals, creative ideas or process, and business growth. Wild Women Do is one of them. 

  2. There are creative, entrepreneurial women who will benefit by connecting with you too. 

    They're struggling with the same challenges, are working on the same goals, and yes, feel isolated at times too. Remember, a problem or goal shared has a greater chance of being solved or met faster.

  3. Investing in yourself, ideas, dreams or business is not a luxury, it's essential to your success.

    No successful entrepreneur or creative professional ever reached their success goals alone.





Wild Women Do Create

12-Week Online Course & Creative Incubator with Holistic Business Coaching & Mastermind to Support You From Idea to Launch


Do you have an idea that keeps tapping at your heart, or a passion project you always say is your dream to do? 

Perhaps you want to write your first non-fiction book, create an app or e-course – knowing it will help you to serve more people with your expertise, and free up your time. 

Now, you've decided you're ready to get it done & for the success/adventure it will bring.

Wild Women Do Create includes:

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And there's much more...including a copy of the Wild Women Do Create playbook. It will guide & hold your focus for12 incredible weeks while you develop your self, your ideas & your business.

  • Be coached to vision and create from a deeper place. Tap into your intuition and purpose. 
  • Get clear on your creative goals. Design a creative vision-board to hold your focus. 
  • Map out a 12-month timeline to get you through creation, production, and launch.
  • Work intensely on your creation – so you progress your idea more than ever before.

An ideal program if you flourish in intimate creative group settings, with well-structured, dynamic learning, & personalized, expert support. 

Space for 10 women only. Find out first when I open applications.

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Wild Women Do Network

A Monthly Coaching Network & Inspirational Movement Motivating You to Take Action & Achieve Your Creation Goals


How often have you set yourself a desire-led goal, or created a vision-board and not completed what your heart set out to do?

With this monthly-focused support system, you'll be given the structure and plan of action to hold yourself accountable to creating something you care about until it's done.  

Wild Women Do Network includes:

Connect with us weekly online so you can: 

  • Stay focused on what your heart wants you to create most.
  • Ask for and receive a diverse range of feedback on your ideas & promote it when done.
  • Feel clear/confidence/courageous to make tough decisions and overcome challenges.
  • Feel encouraged and supported to take bolder steps to release your Wild Woman core, and create something that really matters to you and the globe.

The ideal program if you're a busy entrepreneur who wants a consistent place to be supported & inspired to ignite your creative-spark or refresh your business. You value the idea of learning online, & being held accountable by a supportive community who'll champion you & your ideas on, through launch-date & beyond.

Express your interest & be the first to find out when we open our doors.

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