Whether a serial entrepreneur, leading lady, or startup, the struggle is the same – 
how to hold onto that sacred space in the diary, hold onto the courage, to create from your Wild Woman soul-place, and release your most influential work.

That's where I've a lot of wisdom and experience to share.

I'm here to propel creative, entrepreneurial women to:

  • Refresh your self and your business to bring you back to your purpose.
  • Reconnect with your creative roots to make creations that will inspire the globe. 
  • Reignite your creative-mindset to bring back passion and spark into your whole life.
  • Release your Wild Woman who wants to express herself freely and create more.

Your Wild Woman wants you to remember:

You're strong and can take these creative leaps of faith with courage & grace.



Workshops to Provoke & Inspire

I'm a Co-active Coach and Trainer, with a Creative, Holistic Approach 

Whether creating and delivering a workshop or talk for a small group of women or a large seminar-filled room of aspirational women leaders – I'll inspire all with a boost of confidence, clarity, fresh perspectives, new ideas and action-plan that will change the course of their life.

Here's who I've been training & inspiring recently from around the globe:

  • Althea-Imperial Programme: I got to create and deliver a workshop on how to view failure as a positive perspective for the entrepreneurial women students developing their ideas as part of this innovation competition. I was also asked to Chair a panel featuring myself, and Jeanine Long, Business Program Director of Thomson Reuters and Lynne Parker, Founder of Funny Women. All sharing our stories of how failure has helped us to succeed. 
  • InnovationRCA: I was privileged to get to create and deliver a 1-day workshop on The Entrepreneurial Mindset for the health-tech and design engineering startups applying to be short-listed for the innovation accelerator. 
  • PyLadiesStockholm: I was invited to create and deliver a 1-day workshop for women training in software development to Define Their Purpose & Build a Business/Career in Tech
This was a really awesome workshop. I learned a lot about making goals, and making them real for yourself. Marie gave us some great tools to make all of your dreams come true. It sounds like magic, but I am very happy to know that it is all real. I can highly recommend her workshops to anyone.
— Tine, PyLadiesStockholm member & Software Engineer


Media Inquiries

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