Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Women Do & who is it for?

Wild Women Do is a coaching resource and movement with a goal: to reconnect creative, entrepreneurial women with the soul-centered work they've always wanted to create.

It's for existing (or aspiring) entrepreneurs, founders, creators, writers, designers, coaches, wellness gurus, marketeers, communicators, connectors, directors, thought-leaders, change-makers, pioneers, trailblazers, activists – basically, any woman who has a fiery passion to make a positive impact in the world with their ideas, creative talents, wisdom and expertise.

It's for any woman who knows she has an independent, 'wild' spirit who has a 'carpe-diem' mindset (or wants one) – who stands up for what she wants and wants to inspire herself and others with what she does. 

Go check the About page or Programs for more details.

Who founded Wild Women Do and why?

It was founded by Marie Milligan – read the About page for details.

What is Holistic Business Coaching?

It's coaching that will help you with challenges or desires in business, but that remembers that business doesn't act in isolation, and we must explore how your business impacts your whole life and vice versa too. We start with how your mind-body-soul is feeling, and how aligned your head and your heart are – this sets the foundation for any changes in the business we make. Need more info? Book a Discovery Call with Marie.

What is the Co-active Coaching model?

As a Co-actively trained Coach, I use the word 'Co-active' a lot. The Co-active Coaching model was developed by the Coaches Training Institute, and works on the principal that the coach and client are equal. That the client is creative, resourceful and whole – you don't need 'fixed', and you always have the solutions within you; it's about the Coach working as a guide or curator to help you elicit, express, and explore your ideas and work alongside you while you take action until you've achieved your goals.

How long does it take for coaching to make a difference?

There can be a catalyst moment in 1 coaching session that will unlock something previously stuck – or generate an idea that changes everything – but the greatest learning from coaching happens over a period of time. The longer we work together, the greater the depth of clarity we can uncover.

Like any development program (the gym or other), the more you put into it, the more you get out of it – coaching is a collaborative relationship – and we must both put in 100% effort in order to see the best results.

I have clients who have changed their life and business direction beyond measure in only 4 sessions, and others, who need 3-6 months to action what they need, to see the results they want.

Book a Discovery Call with me if you want to know more.

What's more effective – working 1-to-1 with Marie or joining the group programs?

The effectiveness is most often down to your own commitment! Working 1-to-1 can allow you to make faster and more personalised progress, as the attention is purely on you. The group programs can be equally effective in that you get the expertise of Marie, but also the peer mentoring and expert input from entrepreneurs sharing their tips. Browse the programs to see what resonates most for you and what you want.

Do you offer discounts on programs or pro-bono sessions?

Previously, I've given many, many hours of pro-bono and voluntary work in the coaching field for women (and men) who I wanted to support who weren't able to pay for coaching. However, I'm not able to offer pro-bono places or sessions at the present time.

To walk my talk as a Coach offering great value and years of expertise, I am now only offering discount when I advertise specifically that I've got a special deal on certain programs.

My prices are fair and based on the time I give, but also the value I bring, which has been amassed from 10 years of working in the field of supporting entrepreneurs to grow their ideas and their business. I believe in accessibility to expert support, so you'll find I charge less than I could for a Coach and Educator with my level of expertise, and if my prices are still out of your budget, I'll do my best to signpost you to expertise or resources that will help.

Coaching and these programs are often for a short period of time. They all give you tools and strategies to recuperate your investment costs over a period of time, especially if we set that as a goal within your program. So what may at first seem too expensive for you, can be affordable, if we factor in what you may need to pause for awhile, while you invest in your program, and what you can do to earn more during or after the experience.

I don't have an idea yet – can I still be coached or join the group programs?

Yes! Sometimes, the best ideas come from being surrounded by inspirational women! The 1-1 programs definitely will help you to explore what thoughts, skills, passions you have and can help generate a killer-idea! The only program that it's advisable to have an idea for, is the Wild Women Do Create – for that, there are only 10 women being supported, so if you want to be on that, I suggest get some 1-1 time with me first to get clear on what you could apply to create. Visit the programs page for full details.

I'm employed rather than self-employed, can I still be supported?

Although, the programs are geared to support women who are already in business, I believe creativity and entrepreneurship can be present in employment too. If you want to be supported to make bold changes in your life, career or to work through a idea you have outside of your current role – then Wild Women Do is for you. I've supported many women in employment who decide to stay employed or quit, to launch their own venture. Either way, we do what is right for you, so you've the foundations to do what you desire. 

What outcomes can you guarantee I'll come out with? 

Through the process, methods and strategies I'll share with you, I can guarantee that regardless of the goal you set, you'll feel clearer, more confident, and more courageous to take action. You'll be able to notice when you feel resonant or resistant in your mind or heart. You'll know when you are in a positive or negative mindset and what you can do to shift it.

The specific outcomes in business, career or life will depend on the goal you set. For example, you want to get new clients or create your idea to completion? I can show you how to do that, but you'll have to put in the effort to make those steps too! The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

We'll also check in throughout the 1-1 or group process, on what you're actioning or avoiding, so you're accountable/achieving what you want.

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