Do you want support to make lasting changes in your life & business?

I offer complimentary 30-minute Discovery Sessions to Wild Women who know it's their time to live their life fully, and want to create something incredible, to bring joy back into their business.

It'll bring clarity and help you decide what Wild Women Do program will propel you forwards and give you a safe space to express what it in your heart just now, not just on your mind.

During the session you'll:

  1. Get clear on what you desire right now in your life and business. 
  2. Learn how we can help you achieve the goals you want to set.
  3. Discover what program is going to help manifest your desires in 2015.

I offer Discovery Calls for women serious about making changes & are ready to commit to & invest in themselves, their ideas & business fully.

The Discovery Call is to get clear on what Wild Women Do program will help you reach the results you desire in the most long-lasting way. Even though this is our chance to find out more, you'll be surprised by how much this will help.

Working with Marie really helped me clarify my thinking, and I was amazed how much we were able to cover in just one Discovery Session.
— Sarah Douglas, Artist & Director, The Liminal Space
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Although I love to be able to offer a Discovery Session to every woman who asks, I can only offer a call to those ready to invest & make the time to commit to courageous action in their life & business.

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If I feel this isn't the right support-system for you, I will always recommend an alternative.

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The best way to describe my entrepreneurial journey is feeling exhaustion from treading water on a frustrating journey of never being able to reach shore. After a Discovery Session with Marie, I suddenly felt calmer and lighter, as though someone had thrown me a rubber ring and I could finally see the lighthouse. I sat on the tube and cried on the way home. It wasn’t from sadness or frustration, but from a feeling of being understood, which I’ve discovered is very rare. Marie has a beautiful aura and patience of a saint. I wish I’d met more people like her, and Anita Roddick who really believed in my idea.
— Sally-Anne Wigfield, Founder of Food Toob®


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