Imagine time for you to relax in Morocco, with space to explore and listen to your intuition. We invite your creative, wilder self to help define what your dream really is...

What this time and space away from your normal routine will give you, is the opportunity to dream long enough in ripe conditions, to listen in to what your heart really wants. From that place of deeper knowing, it'll be easier to create resonant and thrilling goals, and focused action to help manifest your dream. 

Morocco and Marrakech are a place that have a magnetic pull to women who come alive and awake when they're in creative, wilder surroundings, in the African sun. It's nature evokes a magic of it's own, making it easier to unlock parts of your imagination that may be shrouded in your responsibilities at home. 


Wild Women Do Day Dream Retreat in Marrakech

The Luxury of Time and Space to Dream and Explore


Location: Kasbah Bab Ourika* in the Atlas Mountains

Evocative Energy: Tranquil, spacious, wild, luxurious

Your Retreat Menu

Arrival Time

  • If you want time to relax before your day: Arrive a day early to settle in. Take a dip in the pool, explore the grounds and incredible views. Catch the sunset over dinner in the gardens or restaurant specialising in Berber recipes or Moroccan traditional food. An early morning rise will ensure you catch the most beautiful sunrise too. 
  • If you prefer to arrive on the day: We can arrange a courier to collect you early morning from Marrakech (7.30am approximately) to start at our venue at 9am.  

 Your Day Coaching Session

  • 9am Nourishing breakfast and time to connect. We set our intentions and accountability for the day.
  • 10am and 11.30am *Morning coaching sessions to help you get clearer on what you want; defining your Wild Woman self, your dream lifestyle, the creations you'd love to produce, and/or the business model that will help you. You may decide to focus on just one of these dream areas of your life – the agenda is up to you. Refreshments available throughout our morning.
  • 1pm Nourishing Moroccan lunch in the garden to refresh.
  • 2pm *Afternoon coaching session. You may like to dive even deeper into the dream if you are in that heart-space, or you may be in the head-space to start mapping your dream into a 6 to 12-month timeline. We can aim to write your key WILD and SMART goals and milestones to hold your focus.  
  • 3.30pm Afternoon mint tea (take a moment on your own if you need it, to stroll, pause or journal)
  • 4pm We'll design your action plan, identifying resources needed to make the desired changes. We'll define strategies, exercises and systems to help you stay focused and true to your dream.    
  • 5pm Celebration toast to acknowledge and champion your exciting dream and plan. 

*Optional: We can add in a mountain village easy trek and down to the river to bring energy to your dreams, either morning or afternoon. 

After Your Session

  • If you want to stay overnight: After a day of dreaming, the last thing you want to do is be pulled back to the reality of a busy airport, or your duties back home. So why not check-in for the night? (Or a second night if you've arrived the day before). This will give you the time to process the ideas and intuitive inner guidance that has popped up during your day. Checkout the next day.
  • If you want to return the same evening: Your courier will drive you back to Marrakech centre. Pencil in a 2-hour window to allow for a slow drive and any unexpected traffic on the way.

Investing in your dreams

Your Wild Women Do Day Dream Retreat Includes:

  • Private courier to and from the airport or Marrakech centre.
  • 1-Day Private Coaching Intensive (8 hours) with Your Coach, Marie Milligan in Marrakech.
  • Coaching notes, bespoke worksheets and recommendations after the retreat.
  • 90-minute Coaching Call after the retreat to review your progress (suggested 1 week later).
  • Intro to expert connections and network that relate to your dreams.
  • Breakfast, lunch, light refreshments and celebratory drinks. 

Price: £997 | Deposit £497 + 1 instalment


Why not let us take care of you a little longer?

Inclusive Package Includes:

  • 1-night stay in luxury Superior room at Kasbah Bab Ourika. (Additional nights possible)
  • 3-course evening meal in the restaurant with drinks included. 
  • Optional on-site Moroccan relaxing massage.
  • Optional easy-level village trek.
  • Discount if you book extra nights.

Price: £1497 | Deposit £497 + 2 instalments

  • Not included: National and international travel to and from Marrakech.

What's Possible When You Dream Wilder


When dreams are born from a a place of calm they resonate on a whole new cellular level. You'll notice a sensation of resonance – a feeling of being centred in who you really are and what you want. Realign and plan a path back to your creative source and Wild Woman roots.

I'll hold a space for you to dream wilder. Vision more for yourself. 

Reframe doubts or fears. Raise your courage.

Widen possibilities and perspectives. 

Let go of stories that don't serve you. 

All you need to do is say "yes".



Cover & Upper Thumbnail Images: Kasbah Bab Ourika

Bottom Images: Left & Middle, Marie Milligan; Right, Kasbah Bab Ourika