Is your vision of your ideal or what next a little cloudy?

Do you feel like you're going in circles, trying to get clear on what you really want?

Are you exhausted by trying to figure our your next steps on your own?


All that uncertainty can feel pretty stressful and will be playing havoc with your heart.

Your body will be giving you clues that something has to give, or change, and fast.

If this sounds familiar, it's time to give yourself the support and time to take any unclear ideas to calm clarity.

Coaching intensives are available in London, Paris and Marrakech.

Let me introduce you to:

Wild Women Do Vision

Half-Day Coaching Intensive in Little Venice, London

For the whole time, our focus will be purely on you.

That's 3-hours where YOU get to talk, to be listened to, to dream, and explore, without interruption!

We'll start our journey by meeting at Warwick Avenue, in Little Venice, London. 

In a 2-minute walk, we'll be in the beautiful The Quince Tree cafe, within Clifton Nurseries, where we'll stop for refreshments, and set our intentions for the experience.

Our journey will then take us along the famous Little Venice canal, and the canalboat where I've lived and built my business from (along from where Richard Branson started Virgin...!); passing wild nature, beautiful Regent's Park, and up to the stunning view point in Primrose Hill. 

The experience gives you the luxury of uninterrupted "me-time"

Your phone will be off, and your laptop and responsibilities, for now, will be far away. 

Your to-do-list will be put aside for the whole day (even when you get home) while you bring attention to your heart.

You won't be required to do anything other than be creative, curious, and open-hearted.

As your Coach, I'll use my creativity, coaching expertise and intuition, to help you get clear on what you want and how to manifest it, in whatever area of your life or business you choose.

You'll have the outdoor space to let go – to reconnect with your heart, and what she really wants.

With powerful coaching tools, we'll be exploring what's really on your mind, bubbling away inside.

We'll be diving deep below your surface, to uncover the depth of your ideas and desires.

What you'll notice, is your intuition already knows the answer to your bigger questions.

The Co-active Coaching tools I use work deeply and transform the way you think and feel.

You'll experience "fulfilment" life-coaching exercises to help you tap into your ideal life and work vision – perhaps much wilder than you've allowed yourself to dream before.

I'll help you transform seemingly chaotic thoughts or conflicting ideas into calm clarity, so you can make sense of it all, and define the deep desires and values at the heart of what you want.

We'll bring attention to your bigger passion and purpose, so you can define your real mission, vision and values, to refresh the foundation from which you've built your current life and business (or career).

You'll also experience "balanced-perspective" coaching to reframe your beliefs positively, so your mind can lessen any anxiety or self-doubt, and instead, you'll be speaking to yourself with kindness and love.

Your cloud of uncertainty, will feel lifted, and a clear vision will start to reveal itself to you.

Your next steps and way-forward will feel more obvious. 

That decision you were trying to make, will somehow seem easier to do.

You'll have acknowledged and made peace with what you need to let go of, change or start doing next, to create the lifestyle, and soul-connected creative work you really want to do.

Your life and business investment includes:

  • A Wild Woman Do Wheel of Life tool to take a snapshot of your satisfaction levels in your whole life,

  • 3-hour coaching intensive session in person (or online if you can't get to London),

  • Refreshments during your session,

  • We'll design a focused action plan to help you go forwards, and I'll give you bespoke coaching exercises, or signpost to helpful resources to help you move forwards with your vision.

  • 1-hour Skype coaching call to check progress and define the support system you want or need next.

*If you live outside of London, I can offer your session over Skype, still bringing in movement to our time.

Your investment in your ideas, future self and business is £500*. 

(*Payable in 1 or 2 secure online payments)

I'm only able to offer this program to 3 women each month who want to get clear on their heart's desire and start to action their vision so they see it begin to bloom in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you want to be one of the 3 women experiencing deep change this month?

Reserve your place now, by confirming your details below.

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Your ideal present or future can only manifest itself when you define what your vision really is, and then commit to taking action to make it real.

Your inner Wild Woman will thank you, for taking time to manifest the life and work you really want deep down in your creative soul, that you are capable enough to do.

The best way to describe my entrepreneurial journey is feeling exhaustion from treading water on a frustrating journey of never being able to reach shore. After a Session with Marie, I suddenly felt calmer and lighter, as though someone had thrown me a rubber ring and I could finally see the lighthouse.
— Sally-Anne Wigfield, Founder of Food Toob