When was the last time you felt inspired by what you're doing?

I am here to help you step away from the profit-hustle, and get clear on the lifestyle you really want to live, and the soul-centred work and products your heart is called to create. Together, we cultivate the conditions and step-by-step plan for you to change or redirect your life and business, so everything feels more in-tune with the creative-spirit you know yourself to be.

Let me share with you:

  • Valuable Co-active coaching experiences and creative tools to help you vision, plan, focus and manifest what you desire most in life and business.

  • Refreshing creative and wellness retreats to help you relax without guilt, and reconnect with your version of a Wild Woman, and your courageous, creative spirit.

  • Holistic and proven business strategies to make things easier, and help you build a profitable business from soul-centred products that inspire you and help others in return.

  • Simple planning and effective systems that will help you make time to create, complete and launch a passion project/program/book with less distraction.

  • The magic of creative exploration and adventure, and how to infuse your life and business with both.

I invite you to take charge & remember: you can change your life & business & do everything you dream of, before you regret you didn’t stand up for what you want.

Come let me show you how.

Work side-by-side with me as your Coach and Consultant.

I'm a trained, experienced and intuitive Co-active Coach and Trainer. Over the 13 years of working in the field of creative entrepreneurship, I've been given the titles and wore the hats of Life Coach, Career Coach, Career Consultant, Entrepreneurship Educator, Mentor, and more.

I am also a Writer (poetry and non-fiction) and a multi-instrumental Musician.

This essentially means I have the years of expertise, wide range of effective tools, bountiful helpful resources and influential networks to help you achieve your goals.

I work holistically across your whole life, not just your business meaning you can bring whatever you want or need to the sessions so you feel supported and back to soul-centred.

But, that’s enough about me.

What’s important, is what is your story and wisdom and how can we help you release it?


3 of the Ways You Can Work with Me Privately and at Depth Include:



The "Get Clear: From Stuck to Soul-Centred, Creative and Profitable" program is perfect if you're stuck at knowing what you really want right now, or need the courage and plan to do what you know deep down you desire.

Suitable for: women who are stuck on a tough question and need to make a decision fast, love to complete worksheets and courses, love to journal, and need fast answers to the q. "what do I want?" or "what do I do next?".




Re-centre yourself, refresh your ideas, realign your business closer to your authentic self and your creative heart. Leave with a sense of deep clarity, relieved at knowing what you want and having a plan to go do it. 

Suitable for: women who want to work in person, need immediate clarity and a focused plan, love workshop style learning, with brainstorming and mapping out with paper and post-its in a beautiful, creative space.

Also available for partnerships and teams with potential to host at own business location. Price on request. *Available in own City on request.


Regain clarity on your dreams and ideals, the creations you want to make, and how you can realign your business model to launch with more ease. Have the clarity, plan, courage, action list, systems and support to do your dream.

Suitable for: women who want to work at a slower pace, do more research and action in between sessions, and desire change and transformation in multiple areas. 


Connect with Marie directly below to explore the full menu of programs.

There are options to suit all budgets and needs.


When we work together, you'll come away feeling:

  • Clearer after decluttering some of your whirring thoughts.

  • Calmer when you've expressed your ideas and shared some of the responsibility.

  • Confident in knowing which decision feels soul-centred and makes practical sense first.

  • Courageous enough to take braver action more in alignment with your heart.

  • Creatively inspired and knowledgeable of how to go do what your heart wants.


Let’s Work Together

Coaching is a partnership and a soulful journey. To know if we’re a great fit, we first need to connect and find out more about each other. Let’s arrange a time to talk.

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