What Does the Moon & Wild Dreaming Have to Do With Achieving Your Goals in 2016?

Image: Marie Milligan 2015. A space to dream wild at Peacock Pavilions. 

Image: Marie Milligan 2015. A space to dream wild at Peacock Pavilions. 

Each New Year we press an imaginary stopwatch as if the race has started to get everything achieved and we must be first off the block.

Isn't it ironic, that the imaginary and physical tool we may use to start off time, is called "stop"? I wonder what message that gives to the universe; does it give an energetic block, before we've begun?

We rush and push to have our plan done, to be resolute before we even know what it is we really want to do. We've not felt it in our bones yet. How could we, as we've not given ourself the time to feel anything other than pressure to get anything and everything done.

What we do know is we don't want to be last, to lose, to fail, to not even be in the race of life to be loved, seen, included, achieve, earn well and succeed.

Where did this internal and external push come from?

How long has it been propelling life?

What would life be life if we followed different rules? 

Long before us, our ancestors started each new solar year cycle, mapping their time, activities, energy levels by the earth, the sun and the moon. Wise women knew not to rush and push their bodies and minds beyond the seasons. They were mindful that as we're part of the natural planetary cycle, we must connect to 'moon goddess', to help us plan for when our energy levels will be resonant and ripe.

I wrote a post last year about why women entrepreneurs need to be mindful of the moon and menstrual cycle when planning their business. More so, at a New Year.

Over the holiday season, I revisited the book Sacred Celebrations: A Sourcebook to remind myself of this wilder spiritual connection to the planet (and self), before I started planning my 2016 year ahead.

This resonated:

There is a need to see ourselves and our relationship to Earth, the Moon and the Sun with new eyes. We need to re-learn what we have forgotten and re-connect to the inner realms which are a continuous presence around and within us. We have all been conditioned for so long to only use our logical intellectual minds, it is important that we begin to become aware of, and listen to our intuitive side...Celebrating the solar cycle of the year and the monthly moon cycle is a way of re-connecting to the native traditions of the land.
— Sacred Celebrations: A Sourcebook by Glennie Kindred

I have a sense, that if we start to bring this Wild Woman natural awareness into our creative and business planning process every year, every month, every week, we will create and impact from a soul-centred place.

How many business plans or launch plans have you ever seen that have the words "New Moon"? How many business schedules have a post-it for "Ovulation Day" How many action lists have the word "Urgent priority: plant your feet in the soil and raise your hands to the sun?" 

You might have a yoga or meditation practice that is running alongside your business, but are you integrating the learning and energy from the two? 

While you are in downward dog, sun salutation or warrior pose, are you connecting that spiritual connection then into your working day? Do you step away from your mandala rug feeling refreshed, but the moment you open your laptop, your spiritual focus is sapped, as you bring your attention solely to your head?

My request to you for 2016, is give yourself enough time now, and every week to understand how you want to feel in 2016 across your whole life. Understand how that connects to what you're creating and doing with your work too. Then, you can plan actions and experiences that feel integrated and aligned.

For those who love Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map process, this is one way that can help you to get into that more spiritual zone and heart-space. 

You can also simply take yourself into nature, to silence, to a place that brings esoteric bliss, and put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and ask your Wild Woman some key questions she'll already know the answer to.

1. Who do I want to show up as this year?

2. What does my Wild Woman want to feel and experience?

3. What's the wildest dream possible I could create and get done?

Until you give yourself the time and space to dream, vision and explore, in connection with your deeper 'wild' self and the earth cycle you're part of, how can you plan what feels good and resonates on a cellular level?

I'd guess, that you can't, not really.

So whatever stage of your New Year goal-setting, desire-mapping process you're at, I'll ask you to pause. 

Ask yourself, "have I actually allowed myself to dream wild enough?. If not, what will I do and where will I go to make this possible?"

The four days in this New Moon cycle is the perfect time to really set a more resonant vision and write your Wild Woman soul-goals from a re-connected intuitive energy, and to let go of the old.

Put some sacred time in your schedule in the next 2 days to make sure this happens. Imagine what wilder and more fulfilling experiences you might have to actually plan in 2016, when you do take this time to dream.

Love, Marie x



Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.