Why Marrakech Helped Me Lead a Wilder Life

I wrote a post recently called why you need time to rediscover the real you. I shared all about the big intentions I had when I booked to go on this 3-month wild adventure to Marrakech, but what actually happened instead.

I learnt, that instead of all the doing, I needed to be. Instead of all the getting to know the locals and the adventure touring, I wanted to sit still and rest. 

Part of me questioned, 'was I really being wild', by lazing on the roof terrace, no-one around but me, mint-tea on tap, just staring up at the sunset?

Was I really being wild by sitting watching The Vampire Diaries on my laptop, instead of touring the mountains a second time, or writing the book outline I'd gone there to express? 

I decided, yes, I was.

I was being very wild, because I was living my truth in that moment. 

I had the complete freedom, to be and do what I wanted, when I wanted, and it gave me the opportunity to really listen in to what my body wanted, and be able to serve myself well.

Within the first few weeks, I noticed a shift happening in my whole body, when I gave myself permission to stop. I trusted that my clients had been cared for, and were creative, resourceful and whole – they didn't need me to be present, especially not on my retreat.

It didn't start out as a refreshing month-long self-lead retreat. It was supposed to be 3-months of focused business and writing focus, a fresh perspective on where I want to live, and squeezing in some adventures!

I let go of my agenda instantly when I realised as soon as I set foot onto that magical land, that I needed to be present first.

I needed to soak up the sounds of snake-charmers. Smell olives, mint and tagine wafting in the streets. Stop and stroke the kittens or donkeys who needed a gentle, caring hand. Glance at the kaleidoscope colours and beautiful designs in the Souk and Medina. Feel the musical drumbeats and historical whispers from performers and storytellers in the El Fna square. Soak up flavoursome tagines with bread and fingers, true Moroccan style.  Drink-up freshly squeezed orange juice, better than I'd tasted before. Savour the taste of coffee that seemed richer, in this more vibrant land.

But, there were times in the day, where I felt I needed to do nothing. Sit. Still.

It felt uncomfortable. I realised how little I'd given myself the chance recently to sit in the silence, not even meditating, and the chance to feel some of my deepest-felt desires and also, my intuitive answers.

In those moments, I got so very clear on how many versions of a Wild Woman I really was. I wasn't just one, I had a whole range of archetypes, but I started to notice which of them felt more like the true me that I wanted to nurture and express from more often. (Welcome, "Wild Writer", and "Wild Nature-Lover" who wants to nurture all the vulnerable animals!)

I also got clear what morning, afternoon and evening rituals I naturally wanted to do, when I had the beauty of free time. Healthier habits that were making it easier for me to create from the heart, and gentler on myself and my business, than ever before. Daily experiences I didn't want to give up when I returned "home". 

Back in Little Venice, London (I came back for August, for an opportunity I didn't want to say no to!), I've been curating my day and week with the rituals key to me feeling good in Marrakech, that I can easily incorporate into my life and business, wherever I am. 

I'll be writing another post about what those self-care and business-care rituals are very soon, but in the meantime, consider this.

1. Remind yourself of a time when you felt your best, and your life was feeling good. A time when you were treating yourself well, and you felt resonant with your surroundings and your experience. What were you doing or experiencing, that helped you feel like that? I.e. was there a place or a routine that you just loved?

2. If you could repeat anything of that time again, to bring back that good feeling, what rituals would you bring into your day or week?

In our Wild Women Do Retreat in Marrakech we've designed it so you'll know exactly what you've loved of the experience, and what self-loving rituals you'll continue, so you bring your retreat back home.

Marrakech really did teach me to lead a better, and more grateful life in tune with my version of wild. I may be back to finish off my trip there in September, as I sense I've more to learn about myself, the world we live in, and what I want to create, in that powerful, mystical place.

Love, Marie

Ps. Why not get on our waiting list for our Wild Women Do Retreat so you find out when we launch? It's at the bottom of Deborah's fab piece on 'What's your version of a Wild Woman?'. Reading that first will give you a hint of the type of themes you'll be exploring with us during the magical week in Marrakech.




Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.