What's Your Version of a Wild Woman? (Part 1) by Deborah Willimott

Don’t let the stereotypes stop you. ‘Wild’ takes many forms - and finding yours can be the key to creative liberation.

The ‘Wild Woman’ has a very well-known shape. She’s standing naked in front of a fire, dancing on a hillside in paint and feathers. She’s feisty, she doesn’t give a shit. Somewhere nearby, the sun is usually rising (or setting). She looks strong, focused, untamed, beautiful. Right?

Many of us know this ‘wild woman image’ and think, ‘sorry, but me in my Zara workwear/pyjamas on the sofa? I’m about a million miles away from THAT.’  

Aesthetic conditioning. Despite how emotionally intelligent we have become and our increasing awareness of how the media and history tell us how to think, some things are just cell-deep. And  continue to keep us from our potential.

If we can’t be that naked, fire-dancing woman, it’s  easy to assume that wildness is something we could never embody (except at certain times of the year in certain conditions in certain geographical locations in certain body shapes.)

How can wild be anything, at any time?

What do we even mean by ‘wild’?

For me, it is our true nature unshaped by society, rules and conditioning.

It’s who we were before we were told who we were, joyfully expressing our creativity and our life force in an unforced, un-restricted way in the world. Making good choices that nourish us.

We don’t have to be on a mountain or up a waterfall. It can happen in an office, with a family, on the bus or over a coffee with friends.

It’s just we're never shown what *that* sort of wild looks like.

Wild can be expressed through quiet, peaceful, invisible, tall and short, indoors and outdoors, eating custard, curvy, slim, sad, bored, sat at a computer or behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta.

Your shape and expression of wild is utterly unique; have you ever considered that it might be a shape you never thought of before?

Yes, we look at naked-fire-dancer-woman and part of us longs to be her.  But not because what she is doing is ‘definitively’ wild, but because what she is doing is allowing her individually, to access that deliciously liberated state.

And seeing someone embody wildness is what’s magnetic.

The trick is not to get caught up in the costume and backdrop and believe that’s your way too – which can immediately de-motivate and depress.

Access the essence of wild in your own unique way, shape it with and in your body and life.

For each one of us it will look, smell and sound utterly different.



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Deborah Jane Willimott is a Creative Embodiment Practitioner and Writer. For more info, visit The Body Hive.

Deborah is co-leading our Relax, Reconnect and Rewaken Your Wild retreat in Marrakech 20-26 August with Marie Milligan. We'll be curating the safe and inspiring conditions for you to rediscover and reconnect with your own shape of wild and your untapped creative spirit. 


Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.