What Does Your Wild Woman Want You to Create (Part 2)

Yesterday, I gave you a powerful coaching visualisation and question in the blog asking: what does your Wild Woman really want you to create? 

Did you read that already?

I asked you not to judge the answer that came up, or to analyse it, just let it sit with you, overnight.

I did the exercise too, because I wanted to feel what you were feeling. This is what happened for me – did it happen for you too?! 

The scene:

So I took 5 minutes at the end of the long day, to read through the blog, do the visualisation, and see what answer popped up to "what do I really want to create?".

Here's what came up for me:

"A book that says it all."

Here's the dialogue that went on in my head, even though I'd specifically said 'don't analyse, judge or question it'!

"A book that says it all, what do you mean, like a memoir?" (questioning to understand the concept)

"But that's really unclear, says it all about what?" (more self-questioning)

"You must mean like a condensed version of ...... right?" (continued self-questioning and analysing)

"A book that says it all – that can't be the 'right answer', can it? How are you supposed to do that? Where do you start" (doubting my intuition and ability to deliver something before I'd even clarified what it was yet!)

"Maybe you should have done this tomorrow, earlier in the day!" (giving myself a hard time at when I'd done it, like that mattered to my intuition!)

"You sound self-righteous & serious! Try it again! See if something more clear and energised comes up!" (more resisting and judging of my intuitive answer)

What was laughable about this, is that it happened in less than 5 minutes! Monkey-mind was on fire, though specifically pre-guided 'not to judge, or analyse'! 

But I didn't let my monkey-mind run wild for too long, because I wanted to also follow the guide, to 'let it simmer overnight'.

As a result of letting my answer feel into my body overnight, I can see that the answer is very much a feeling of truth.

I DO have a deep desire to write a "book that says it all".

It just may take many forms.

A memoir, that will share my life and business journey to encourage other women to embrace their wildness, and also make a living from their creative talents.

'How-to' guides I want to write.

Fiction novels, screenplays and poems that have the same impact that Dead Poets Society, If I Had My Life to Live Over, or Judy Blume books had on me.

What I love about this visualisation, is that my intuition did give me the "right" answer, because although I've been getting clear on which book I want to focus on first, I'd been missing an ingredient that runs through all my ideas.

"Says it all" whether it's a self-development book, a memoir, a set of guides, a poem book – this means, "speak your truth", "write from and to the heart".

So let's go back to your answer from the exercise yesterday, about what you want to create most.

With the clarity of time, what does your intuition tell you, that your answer was all about?

Again, if you came up with a "I don't know" yesterday, try the exercise again at another time, perhaps in another space.

We can sometimes block our intuition with a "I don't know" when the answer might scare us, because it may involve deep change.

Sometimes, we just don't really know yet what we really want to create, because we haven't pieced together all the clues, or given ourselves enough time to explore...

But, the good news, is you don't have to get clear and to decide all on your own.

Love, Marie x



Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.