What Colour is Your Passion and Creative Soul?

Image: AvnishChoudhary via Unsplash

Image: AvnishChoudhary via Unsplash

Colour is on my mind and in my heart since coming back from Marrakech. I've been writing lines for weeks that seem to be touching on this aspect of colour.

I've been drawn to all things colourful: Moroccan, Indian, South American, New Mexican....art, designs, cultures, food, people, places.

It's popped up in posts on Instagram when creating and cooking colourful food. 

....colour your mind and your mouth.
— Marie Milligan

I'm wearing colour every day to evoke certain energies. 

I'm drawn to colourful people who don't conform.

It's appearing in poems I'm penning in response to colourful souls passing and when reminded of our brief time on this planet (who knows where we'll be shining our light next).

...Passion-coloured woman, you are here to burn your starlight bright.
— Marie Milligan, extract from a recent poem

Why is colour important right now?

Creativity and business with SOUL need passion, and passion isn't black and white. It's colourful, vibrant, luminous, glowing.

This is not about the colour of your skin or even the clothes you wear, but the colour of your creative soul.

It's about you and ALL of us standing up and shining whatever passion-colour you are through all that you do.

If somehow, a grey filter is clouding your true colours, consider how you can get back to shining your brightest.

Share your creative colours with the globe wild sister.

Shine your rainbow bright.

Why is YOUR colour important to us right now?

Whatever you have to share and give could be the missing energy someone has been waiting to receive. We don't know that for certain, but what if it is? 

If more of the creative souls in the world decided to shine their true colours brighter and stopped suppressing them, what would happen energetically to our planet? 

Journal on these 7 questions if you want to get clearer on what your true colours are and who they might matter to most.

  1. What colour is my passion?
  2. What colour is my creative soul?
  3. My true Wild Woman colours are _______
  4. Who and where shares my colour palette?
  5. Who needs the colours that I bring?
  6. How does it feel when I suppress my true colours?
  7. When I shine my colours brighter, what usually happens?

Let me know what comes up for you.

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