The Number One Secret You Need to Know to Dream, Plan and Create the Life and Business You Want

Image: Marie Milligan 2015. Peacock Pavilions gardens. A place to dream.

Image: Marie Milligan 2015. Peacock Pavilions gardens. A place to dream.

There's a secret that exists that I'm not seeing being shared. It's to do with goal-setting, desire-mapping, dreaming and planning the creative life and business you want.

It's the missing ingredient that I believe is KEY when getting clear on what your wildest dream is, and being able to plan, action and experience the results you really want.

By now, at the start of this New Year in the Western calendar, you'll most likely have had a burst of excitement or anticipation as you turned the new page on your new journal or planner, and started to fill in the blanks in your calendar.

You probably wrote your name firmly in your diary with your new pen, like you've done since a child. You start by writing everyone else's birthday in there and your own (and silently are in awe of the age you'll be this year). You then schedule all the other commitments you know you have to do. Maybe even some time-off (though you're not sure if you'll be able to take it, yet).

You do more of the same in your online calendar, duplicating what you've done in your paper diary (covering all chances that you'll focus and get your dream DONE).

Over the holidays, you signed up and listened to that webinar, subscribed to that free guide or tool, perhaps even committed to a paid program, so you can set yourself some really exciting "big" goals to achieve and have the plan to DO it.

You've decided this is YOUR year!

That dream you've put off, procrastinated on, tried (and put aside), is going to get DONE!

You are ready.

The goals you've written so far, have either been given pride of place on your wall, all coloured in to entice you, or saved in your new planner, or in a fresh notebook or two.

You've got your stationery sorted, your year mapped out, calendar coloured, goals written (in BIG), and you're ready to go.......

But....something isn't feeling quite right, yet.

Are you noticing that even with this all done, your goals and plan written, your initial New Year excitement is subsiding a little (and some doubt is kicking in)?

Are you feeling your comparison-saboteur whispering, "Their life looks more exciting than mine!" as you scroll through Instagram every morning?

Are you wondering, "How did they manage to manifest that dream reality?" (Because most are posting the "dream" on their profiles).

Are you left wondering, "Do I really know what I want and is available for me to have?"


Here's the secret that I want you to know about really giving yourself a chance to write desires, dreams and goals that you WILL DO.

It's the key step that all creatives and entrepreneurs need to take to DO the goals they set, and live the life they really want. 

It's the step they often fail to do.

It prevents them from achieving their dreams, desires, goals and experiencing the results that they want in their life, creative practice and business.

I think this first step is often missed out in almost all tools and programs that preach they'll help you to "plan your best year yet"!

What do you believe it is?


I'll tell you. 


The first step is not having the "dream goal", the "right idea", the "desired feeling". There's something else that comes first.

It's not having the belief and courage to do it. That's essential but that isn't first.

It's surprisingly not even having the tribe or sisterhood. This is key, but it isn't the first step to dreaming wildly and succeeding to do what you desire.

Here's what the secret is, that first step.


You need enough time in resonant conditions to dream wild enough – without limitations – in your dreaming, visioning and idea-generating stage of goal-setting.



When you give yourself enough time in a resonant setting without your doubts getting in the way, you can truly imagine what life possibilities and experiences are available for you, that you want, deep down.


This is the key ingredient to do before writing your desires and goals for the year. If you don't do this number one step, you will not be releasing your heart and soul into your desires, goals and plans – you'll be expressing only part of your truth.

What you want is hidden beneath layers in your subconscious. To let your subconscious talk, you need to give yourself the time, space and natural environment to be able to listen to your heart and intuition.


How much time did you spend on your dreaming stage – in resonant conditions – before you started desire-mapping, revenue launch planning, and writing your creative, business milestones for 2016?

Imagine you were to:

  • Spend enough time in a place that resonates.
  • Are facilitated to dream wildly (with no blocks getting in the way).
  • Then have a step-by-step support system to action your dreams afterwards. 

What might be different in your life experience this year?

There are coaching methods to guide you to dream more wildly than before and open up your mindset, shift perspectives and reframe limiting beliefs in the way of your dreams.

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Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.