Survive Your Launch

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Leading up to launch has got to be one of the most exciting and strenuous times in your business.

Adrenalin pumps through your veins giving you the fast and hard energy to get you through those preparation days. It’s only afterwards, you realise how exhausted yet elated you feel. You surge on, asking ‘what’s next?’, never pausing to say ‘well done!’.

In the weeks before, you’ll be working 12 hours or more; your days blend into night, and you’ll be wondering what a day-off ever felt like. Somehow, the excitement gets you through, and you ignore that your life has turned into one big ‘to-do-list’.

You’re doing more than ever, getting incredible things done.

You’re getting a kick out of blasting through task after task. Your perfectionist streak is saying ‘do more, it has to be perfect’…so you squeeze in just one more hour on the laptop... 

Wild Woman take it easy on yourself. You'll succeed more if you do.

Here’s how. Save yourself from burnout and follow these tips to ensure you’re feeling good and energised from pre-to-post launch.

1. Learn to say 'no'

Focus only on what needs to be done to get you through this launch phase and the weeks following, and park anything else that gets in your way. 

2. Remember your vision

Keep your mission and vision-board in site to remind you of your 'why' and bigger picture. It'll also mean you're remembering your whole life, not just your business.

3. Mindful marketing and communication

Be careful not to overwhelm your loved ones, or your networks with endless 'sales' talk. Keep the pitching chat and copy to relevant times and platforms!

4. Value Your People

Be respectful of those who turn up. Value the 1 person who took time to connect, rather than focus on those who don't.

Reframing your goal to be less number-focused worked well for Brandon Stanton who set up Humans of New York, better than his numbers could ever have imagined. 


Photo: Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York

I set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and plot their photos on a map. I worked for several months with this goal in mind, but somewhere along the way, HONY began to take on a much different character. I started collecting quotes and short stories from the people I met, and began including these snippets alongside the photographs....With over seven million followers on social media, HONY now provides a worldwide audience with daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City. It has also become a #1 NYT bestselling book.. It’s been quite a ride so far.
— – Brandon Stanton

5. Have spare time

Have a window in your diary where you can be ‘free’ to manage what needs to be done that you hadn’t planned for. Plus, give yourself time to rest, when your body says you need to.

6. Action your values

Remember the values that propel you to take the risk to create your own work. Make sure you champion your values every step of the way, not only when you're done and launched.

7. Ask for help

Wild Woman, you're capable, strong, resourceful, but you are not superhuman! Even Wonder Woman needs a rest. Ask for help before you even need it. Have a super-team or ‘mastermind’ around you that will offer advice, support, resources, and lift you up when you want. Asking for help is not a weakness, it’s a gift to the person you ask to contribute. 

7. Be flexible with your dates

Let go of the fear that says it has to be done on one particular day. That fear will only slow you down. If you need to shift a date, do it. Start early or work late, choose your own hours. Keep quality at the forefront, and trust that your audience will understand. If you shift to that more flexible attitude, you’re more likely get it done on time, anyway.

8. Maintain your wellness

Build into your pre-launch plan, your self-care plan – whatever it takes for your mind, body, soul to feel good! The essential ingredients of any launch...

9. Celebrate the journey

Define your version of success from the very start, and celebrate your daily successes. Champion your failures that teach you lessons that improve you and your business.

This is your time, your business, your dream. Just remember to thank yourself for all that wonderful work you’ve been doing, and mark it in some meaningful, memorable way.

If you'd like my support to help you launch your legacy on time, with quality and a sense of wellbeing, consider booking a place on the 30-day Wild Women Do Refresh program.



Image: Flickr