Poem: An Alternative Route


Things are getting in the way,

Designed to stop our flow.

Plotting to prevent our action,

We really don’t like to hear ‘no’.


But what if it were meant to be?

This unexpected diverse route in.

Exploring, discovering, with no plan; 

Some unknowns we need to see.


If that original desire, 

Was as right to do as we felt, 

We will find a way to complete,

The cards we have ourselves dealt.


As the alternative path plays on,

We learn that there was not just one way,

To act, to be, to do, to have,

The vast possibilities are anon.


And when we turn off the light, at night,

We look back reflecting on our day.

The unexpected twists and turns, 

Were the right steps to take.

– Marie Milligan

Image: Unsplash