A Tribute to Leila Alaoui: Your Creative Legacy Lives On

Image: Leila Alaoui, from Le Desk 

Image: Leila Alaoui, from Le Desk 

I've just learnt of the tragic loss of Leila Alaoui, a French-Moroccan photographer who died in the attack by al-Qaeda at a restaurant at Burkina Faso on Friday. She was in the country apparently to take photos for Amnesty International.

No human needs to suffer like that. Rest in peace you beautiful, creative soul.

Her collection called "The Moroccans" really got me when I viewed it. I wrote to someone this morning, "I meant to contact her to interview her for the Wild Women Do blog. But never did."

What I'm feeling right now is SADNESS in my body and throat. I want to cry out "NO, this is ENOUGH".

What I'm also feeling is ANGER.

Loss of life. Loss of creation. Loss of love.

Senseless fear and actions taking life, loved ones and potential living and creativity and inspiration away.

I am filled with the desire for this to STOP. And, I know that this isn't the place that my desire will be heard – those with fear in their bellies and beliefs will act as they will until they're educated that there are other ways to live and other beliefs to believe.

Cultural bloodlines. Beliefs that were born before our time.

It's time to clean the system. To detox the fear. To be held accountable that LIFE is not ours to take, no matter our belief.

LIFE has a natural flow. A cycle. Like the sun, the moon, the tides, the plants, the earth.

Human beings have a natural cycle to live out. We are evolving, and are here too, to create.

If anything, today, I'm also going to stand up STRONGER for the need to create. To continue to create. To continue to LIVE.

Let your creativity be a beacon for what you believe in that is GOOD in this world. Let your colours shine beautiful creative souls.

We cannot stop living, because, in stopping, we prevent our natural flow. How could we know our time? We can't.

So all that we need to DO is to live and create in the way that was meant to be, that we are called to do.

Surround yourself with loved ones who CHAMPION you. Who wrap their arms around your worth and lift you up to be stronger than you may feel inside. Have courage.

I don't want to edit or censor what I've written above because it needs to flow from the heart. Now, it's time to let the tears flow for this wonderful soul who has lost her life.

I agree with those who knew her and of her that her work will live on. Her creativity is here. Her legacy lives on. 

Rest Leila. I didn't meet you but I so wish I did.

Love, Marie x

View her beautiful, inspirational and reflective imagery here:

View 'Les Marocains' or 'The Moroccans' here:!themoroccans/c1ep1

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