Poem: A Better View

Lift your sights, Wild Woman,
What do you see?
In that mind of yours,
Curating a way to feel free.

Look up above, curious one,
Climb higher than before;
Go get a better view,
There's more to be seen.

Look near, and far,
Cast your heart’s net wide,
But for what and whom,
Do you want to find?

Look in, gentle soul,
For the clues already dealt,
About the journey, you’d like to take,
To be savoured, and felt.

– Marie Milligan

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Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.