International Woman's Day + Introducing Janne Robinson

I’m super excited and privileged to introduce you to the wonderful writer Janne Robinson. I've asked her to be a guest writer on the Wild Women Do blog and she said "yes"!

For me, Janne is a woman who lives and breathes the Wild Woman essence. I’ve been following her posts on Elephant Journal and her incredibly striking images on Instagram for about a year now. 

You could say she continues to inspire me to release my Wild Woman, so that I can continue to coach you to release yours.

Janne's posts come with a warning – you’re going to get your heart stirred up and wide-open. You’re going to be rallied into taking some bold, adventurous or courageous action to stand up for what you want. She writes about causes she cares about that champion human and animal rights, love, and so much more, and challenges beliefs in society that go against any of these things.

She’s the antidote to the boredom that has set into your life & is living proof, that you can live a life full of creativity, adventure & love. 

So, before we share Janne’s first post, and to celebrate International Women’s Day, I wanted to ask her opinion on some points I raised with you in the last blog.

1. What’s your definition of a Wild Woman?

A woman who makes choices freely. Who doesn't conform to societies norms because she should or has to, a woman can be wild and live in the kitchen – but she still knows she has a choice in the matter.

2. How close are you to embodying your definition?

90%. I think that it is nearly impossible to be 100% authentic. There has to be space to be human and to act out of alignment/our truth.

3. What stops women from letting their Wild Woman live freely?

I would like to say that it's society's expectations. Shame. Fear. Their families expectations. Their friends expectations. But at the root of it all we have 100% ability to make our own choices in this world. Even if our partner/friends/family don't approve of a choice and it weighs in on our actions – we are still choosing not to make the choice that aligns with our wildness/truth. At the end of the day women are stopping their own wild woman from living freely.

4. What or who prevents women globally, from living as they’d wish?

I cannot speak for women globally as I haven't experienced living in all countries. I have travelled to many countries and lived in Costa Rica and Australia. I know that religions, and certain cultures are restricting to women traveling/dressing/acting in certain ways. I know I am privileged with my freedom in many ways, the biggest in simply having the choice. I met a Thai woman who told me she wasn't allowed to travel without her family/partner. The biggest thing stopping Canadians/Americans from traveling is just their hard on for comfortability and debilitating fear.

5. As a Wild Women Do movement, what could we do to ensure we are helping each other to live authentically, and freely?

If you want to create a movement, you must start with yourself. Live authentically and freely and you will in doing so attract sisters/women/partners who are also living authentically and freely. It starts with each of us connecting to our truths and living from that place--and living out loud so the women around us can live out loud, too. Be the women you want around you.

You can see why Janne is one of my favourite inspirational Wild Women, and I’m so happy to introduce you to her first Wild Women Do post: Dear Humans.

(Open yourself a 'new tab' and view Janne's post I Will Always Be a Wild Thang too).

Image credit: Janne Robinson  


Marie Milligan

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