I Don't Want to be Big in Business

Image: Roya Ann Miller, Unsplash

Image: Roya Ann Miller, Unsplash

Have you ever heard that phrase, “be bigger in business” and felt a sinking feeling in your stomach?

Have you ever assumed it's because you’re not sure how to be big in business, as it’s enough to get through your day-to-day challenges?

But what if it was more your intuition throwing out feelings of resistance to remind your inner, free-spirited Wild Woman, she doesn’t want to be “big in business”.

Not, in the success stereotype way that is projected onto so many women in business, to: “have a 6-figure income”, “a millionaire mindset”, “a team behind you”, “offices in several countries”, “be recognised as ‘Entrepreneur or Woman of the Year”, “have your own TV show (or celebrity presence)" and more.

Your Wild Woman knows that what you really want is simpler than that.

More freeing.

More rooted in the earth around you, and less welded to your laptop.

More grounded in perhaps your bigger purpose, of wanting to inspire, impact and influence the lives of others in a meaningful, long-lasting and positive way.

Your Wild Woman knows that if you’ve started to measure your success metrics by the zeros on your pay-check, that somewhere along the bottom-line, you’ve lost your way from your heart and your higher purpose.

Your Wild Woman already knows, that if you did have that stereotypical version of success, your happiness levels wouldn’t necessarily increase with your bank balance or additional media coverage.

Instead, with that profit-driven and materialistic version of success, you’d have less freedom, more responsibility and demands on your time, away from the creative work you like to do, than ever before.

If you're up for the roller-coaster thrill of running a large, multi-national company, then do please go for it, but I get a sense, if you're resonating with Wild Women Do, you might want something on a different track?

You might want big impact with the work you do, but you want to find a way to keep your business model small, sustainable, resonant and thriving.

You want to find a business model and easier systems that enable you to focus more time on being the creator, not more time being the manager of others (which could happen if you grew your business and team).

When you've got the headspace, remember your reason for starting your own business. Answer these 3 coaching enquiry questions:

  1. Why did you want to work independently and startup in the first place?
  2. What exciting creative goals did you have at the start driving you forwards?
  3. What were the simple daily or regular routines you imagined you wanted for yourself, that would give you the lifestyle you dreamed of most?

Somehow, if you forgot the Wild Woman vision of “lifestyle and creative success” you really wanted for yourself, or are now following someone else’s version of success, then choose to refresh your vision.

First, take a stand for what you want deep down in your heart.

  1. Decide not to be as entrenched in the busy-ness of business. Yes, you've a bulging to-do-list, and the responsibilities of playing multiple roles at once, but in your last moments, you won't be regretting spending time on that.
  2. Decide to look up from your business, look outside and go connect. Remember the loved ones, family & friends waiting for you to say hello, and to be present when you're with them, and paying an interest in them too.
  3. Decide to shift your “big business” perspective back to soul-centred. 
  4. Refresh your business model or offerings to those that would give you the conditions to live the wilder, freeing, creative lifestyle you want to live.
  5. Change your perspective so that your only version of “big” in business, is “big-hearted”, “big-impact”, and “big-contribution".
  6. Refresh your metric of success to "I make soul-centred creations that nourish my soul, and make a positive difference to others too."

So no, I don’t want to be big in business, if success is measured by my pay-check. 

My great work's purpose isn't to acquire money or fame; it's to inspire the lives of others positively, and in a creative, meaningful, and long-lasting way.

I have a feeling, your great work's purpose has a similar mission and vision too.



Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.