How Do You Want Your Clients to Feel? Get To Know Your Real Purpose.

Image: Catherine McMahon, Unsplash

Image: Catherine McMahon, Unsplash

Yesterday, I had a session with an amazing woman who inspires me every time we talk, with her creativity, courage, and the cultural wisdom she shares so humbly and easily. 

I hold my client sessions and confidentiality sacred, but what I can share, is how happy I felt to hear her say:

You’re a little bit of an earthquake do you know that?

She'd also referred to me this week, as a "stirrer of souls".

I was happy to hear the feedback, not just because I knew I was doing my job well, but when a client gives you feedback as powerful as that, you know that you're helping them reach the depth they wanted.

It's been on my conscious mind a lot this week about the influence and impact I want to have with my clients. Also because I talk a lot in my writing and in client sessions and workshops about the impact, influence or legacy they want to have.

I posted up the "I don't want to be big in business" blog, all about defining your great work's purpose too. To try and help you consider what you feel called to do, and how and who you want to reach with your presence, ideas, expertise or creations.

All this talk of soul-stirring has got me remembering my own coaching journey too.

I remember standing in the room during the CTI Coaching Fulfilment Training program, where we were learning how to elicit the dreams and life purpose statements from each other, so we would know how to do that with our own coaching clients.

The memory is vivid of helping a wonderful coach called Laura standing firm to the ground, realising her metaphor was like being "an ancient oak", wanting to help her clients feel grounded, rooted and strong.

In that same day, I can see Nicola in my memory standing energetically telling everyone she wanted to be like a "shockwave" sending out energy to her clients. 

Resonantly, I can see myself in that moment, barefoot (like I spent most of my training), and hearing this life purpose fall out quietly:

I want to be the soul-food that nourishes my clients deeply.

I remember also speaking at a Startup conference last year, and interviewed on camera afterwards about what I wanted my legacy to be; I intuitively answered:

I want everyone I meet and work with to feel good.

Fast forward to this week, on a morning when my mind and spirit wanted to wander. I sat with a coffee, in my favourite cafe in London, and mind-mapped how I felt in that now, about why I was here, and how I want my creations to impact. Here's a small extract:


Even though I've already done a lot of clarity coaching on this already (you can see the mission and manifesto on this very site!), I believe it's always important to refresh and check-in with yourself: 

"Am I living and creating from my soul-centre?"

If not, then it's time to feel into your purpose, once again.

All of these purposes and missions I've expressed over time, permeate my writing, coaching and teaching in Wild Women Do in some way. They all intuitively relate to wanting my clients to believe in themselves, and have the courage to live and create their truth.

A life purpose statement or a business mission can evolve, what matters is it flows naturally, it comes from the heart and soul, and shows you care.

If you'd like my help to get clear on your purpose or mission in life or business, so you can be sure you're creating from an authentic place, then do get in touch. It's what I love to do, and how I love to help! 

I've already laid out the coaching programs I've available right now (including the half-day vision sessions in June, in Little Venice. There's 1 slot available next week, and 2 the week after, if you'd like that focused nourishing coaching time with me.



Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.