Dear Humans by Janne Robinson

Dear humans,

We are limiting our growth and the worlds growth when we are afraid of speaking about topics that are uncomfortable.

We don't need to keep the bigots, the conservatives, the narrow seeing eyes happy by talking quietly. 

We need to speak loudly to ignite change.

We need a world where we can say, "Transgender, gay, abortion, sex!" out loud in the air without shame--for they are all collectively part of the human race.

I will always challenge and call upon those I exist beside, as friends, as family, as lovers, partners and in business to grow.

I will not keep company who is racist, homophobic, sexist--I believe in being surrounded by humans who know all of these things are extensions of ignorance and fear.

I will not laugh at racist jokes.

I will not allow sexist comments to slide by without accountability.

I will not allow the word “gay” to be spoken quietly and categorized with shame.

I will not pretend that almost 1 of every 3 women I told about my abortion, didn’t have one, too.

We are not all the same.

We may very well love different souls. 

We may make our own choices—that are “right” for us and “wrong” for others.

We may dress differently. 

We may speak different languages.

None of this is grounds for discrimination.

We share one big beating heart, and we need to go to bat for one another when it comes to basic human rights.

I have something to learn, every single day from the people who walk beside me.

So does everyone else on this planet.

Todays Mantra: Fuck skinny shaming. Fuck body shaming. Fuck fat shaming. Fuck racism. Fuck sexism. Fuck homophobia. Fuck anything that stems from a place of fear and ignorance.

We are here to love the hell out of one another--don't forget it.



Written by Janne Robinson 

Marie Milligan

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