Can Create, But Don't


When you choose to shift your environment, you can really stimulate your mind and your business into producing fresh creations.

The difference you feel when you realise that you can create, you do have ideas, you can do it, is a relief to your system; all you needed was a shift in view, & a change in energy. 

You may know, that for the past 2 years, I've lived in the beautiful part of London called Little Venice, on a canalboat that in parts, is incredible.

This week, we fed swans, nurtured our neighbourly cat, brainstormed on our children's book we're writing, created new iconic posters that subvert common signs. I've done and said 'yes' to some great work too. 

But what we don't post, are the challenging realities.

Like right now, we're living without water on our boat while we fix the water tank. To cleanse and cook we have to fill up bottles with a fresh-water hose and economise. We shower at the gym daily (it's an excuse to go). 

It's taught us just how much we value fresh, running water in our house, but also how much we actually waste (every time you wash the dishes, you use at least 2 litres of water...and you only need about 1!). 

So on days like today, when I just needed to do creative work without distraction from the domestic reality/bliss, I come to the Southbank Centre. What I find when I'm here, are fresh ideas, diverse people all valuing what it means to create in & for society.

People who aren't scared to create and get paid to do that for a living. Adventurers who know what it's like to take a risk sharing raw thoughts in creative forms, not quite tested yet. Thinkers who ponder, and play – who get recognised, or not, for what they believe.

In 2 days, I've witnessed 2 different exhibitions geared to engage the audience in debate. Yesterday, was 'What do you want on the web' (they're building a new website & rather than dull research, they're doing interactive feedback areas).

Today, is leading up to the London Literature Festival. 'Speak up' is blazoned in neon. 'Spirit level' in neon on another wall and the phrase 'catching dreams' on pillars that surround me. 

How could I not be inspired to create? How could I not be called to share something that felt true to me in the moment? 

Some just walk by, puzzled by this idea that we can really say what we think and feel, publicly, without judgment, without rejection. They question those of us sitting typing furiously at the Brother typewriter that I'm ecstatic to if, we have some secret take the risk to write, and publish publicly. 

But we don't have secret powers. What we have, are guts. A strong belief that we have a right to write.

We have the courage to accept that it's not what people think, but how we felt when we were writing. How we felt, when we realise our words have helped/inspired/encouraged/provoked someone into action – to DO something. 

Yes, I have moments of fear and doubt – is what I'm saying 'good enough', 'is this copy saying the right things?'.

But I take that doubt, or that fear, and I DO something with it. I learn. I edit. I research...until, I'm satisfied, that even if it's not right, it is good enough.

So what I'm calling you to do, right now, today, is pick up a pen, or your laptop, or phone, and write. 

That thing that's been circling in your head for some time now. That message you want to share. Just DO it. No analysing (yet). Let it flow out. Don't clock watch. Just let it be.

When you're ready, let us know what came up for you.

If we stay silent, we'll never know how good it feels to inspire others with what we wrote.



Image: Marie Milligan

Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.