A Love-Letter: To Women Who Give and Need to Rest

Image: Marie Milligan, November 2015 Time to relax at Peacock Pavilions

Image: Marie Milligan, November 2015 Time to relax at Peacock Pavilions

We don't always listen to ourselves or what our body is telling us, but we often do listen to our best friend when they talk to us lovingly.

Imagine if that best friend is your inner Wild Woman. Always present, guiding, loving, available to tell you exactly what you need and want, right now.

Back in September, I started drafting this letter to myself below, after working for days and nights to get everything ready on time for a big launch, I was exhausted. I was giving to everyone else, making sure everyone else was getting cared for, yet I wasn't giving myself the time I needed to refuel, recharge, to rest. 

Eventually, it took me writing this note to myself, (in a way that would also help others to rest too), that I took another self-retreat in Marrakech in November. It wasn't all resting in Riads and by the pool (as I was researching and networking too!), but I definitely got to enjoy some of the blue-sky days, wander in beautiful grounds like at Peacock Pavilions, and rest my mind, body and soul.

Suggested Creative Coaching Activity

Write yourself a love note from the point of view of your best friend (or your inner Wild Woman). What does she tell you? If you want to stretch the exercise, ask your best friend to actually write you a love-letter of what they think you might need to hear today. 

Here's my own letter, as an example.

Dear lovely,

How are you my love? Sorry I’ve not written in awhile. I fell into that old habit of being too busy to even see my best friend, when actually, I’ve been exhausted because I’ve never stopped, and when I do stop, I’m too tired to do anything, even though I MISS YOU!

I was reading your Facebook page (I know, I know, I should have called, instead of reading that!)...you’ve been busy too! LOVE that project you’ve just set up for women to relax.

Seems like you’ve been doing a grand job but also taking the weight of the world and other women’s rights on your shoulders.

Lovely, I know you care and can do so much (at the same time), but please take it easy! We’re here for you lady. What do you need? Can we help take the pressure off?

Argh look – there’s that giver in us coming out, when we think another woman needs our support! But that’s one of the best bits about us right? We do give a damn!

But lovely, you’ve got to take time to relax too! When was the last time you took yourself off for a few days? Turned off that damn laptop, switched off the phone, just got away? I know you care about your clients – but we care about you too!

Remember how amazing it felt when we’d just run out and play in the park, climb the trees, splash in the pool and ocean when we were little, without a care in the world?

Maybe they need a grown up paddling pool for women who need to remember how to play again! Shall we set that up for women in our local area?

Argh – there she goes again, that “take care of everyone” mode! She never rests.

Maybe you and I need to go somewhere together, and you can tell me off any time I try to do anything for anyone else when I’m supposed to be having “me-time”. I’ll do the same for you! Well not telling off, but you know what I mean. Gently reminding...that you need time too.

I was thinking the other day, how important it is that we make time for each other, because when relationships come and go, we’re the constant in our lives.

Let’s make a pack to be here more often ok?! I mean really be here. Not when the work’s done, or the to-do-list is tackled, but really here, like in the old days when we’d pick up the phone, or we’d knock on each other’s door and ask “do you want to come out to play?”.

Aw, remember those days? They were so easy and so much fun!

Got to go, but be well lovely. See you soon!! (I’ll bring the sparklers, can you bring the cake?).

Love you.



If you know you need to ensure you get all the relaxation you need in your life and business schedule in 2016, plan in advance. Don't leave it until you're exhausted to predict when you'd love time off to rest, and rejuvenate in between projects.

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Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.