28 of the Best Things I Ever Did (Inspired By Danielle LaPorte)

Recently, Danielle posted up a list of the 28 of the best things she ever did, and it came at a time I really needed to read it, and remember some of the best decisions I made.

I challenged myself, and our Wild Women Do community to write their own list, and I'd publish mine by Friday.

I know that every time I'd sit down to write this list, it would be different, as what's important about these type of reflections, is they capture a sense of the values you are championing or pining for, right now. 



28 of the Best Things I Ever Did 

1. Followed my own creative calling, and pursued the career path that felt right for me. I let go of roles and job titles that didn't resonate. Do and call yourself what you feel yourself to be. 

2. Stood up for my desire to try living outside of the UK, even if it didn’t always work out as planned (lived in San Francisco, Seville, Paris, and recently Marrakech, and tried to live in Canada several times).

3. I got a CBT counsellor and Coach when younger at a time I needed to let go of tired patterns of self-doubt, my family story, and reframe negative beliefs. 

4. Moving into and still living on a canalboat in Little Venice. I love the lifestyle and access to nature more than I imagined I would.

5. Took the Co-active Training Institute Coaching training program after completing several others. It was life-changing and now helps me to support my clients to change theirs.

6. Embraced the challenge of repurposing and rebranding my mission, to focus on my Wild Women Do work, and empower women to create the life & work they want.

7. Went to Cuba on my own for my 30th (in 2008), despite having a guy who was ready to come with me. I learnt I was more capable than I ever thought, survived 2 hurricanes too!

8. Realised that trying to please everyone else first was not the route to pleasing myself.

9. Watched Dead Poets Society when I was a young girl – that film more than any other propelled me to pursue my creative path, no matter what resistance was in my way.

10. Got outdoors into expansive landscapes to remind myself that I’m only a small part of an amazingly large and beautiful world. Tynemouth coastline, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, all the Scottish lochs, Lake District, Croatian lakes, Italian lakes, Atlas Mountains….I thank you.

11. Got over my fear of flying, even if I don’t like it still. It opens up the world to me.

12. Started using Twitter in business many years ago, and it connected me to new ideas, people, and life experiences that I didn’t really know about. Now, with fab apps like Instagram, I've got a window to many worlds and chance to share ideas at my fingertips.

13. Let go of the idea that exercise is boring, or for other people, and got off my butt to go swim every day, or walk. 

14. Stopped striving to be someone other than who I really feel myself to be.

15. Forgave myself for quitting my musical, violin career, and accepted that passions change, and that it's equally creative to come back to an earlier love, to write.

16. Got a MacBook Air. My shoulders thank me for the lightness. (It looks good too!).

17. Surrounded myself only with people I love, that energise me, that I resonate with, and accepted it was ok to say “no” to times spent with anyone else.

18. Stopped comparing myself to others in business, and focused more on creating my own ideas, and producing what is right for my life, not theirs.

19. Decided that no-one else is going to create or curate the life or work I want for me, I have to take charge and make it happen myself.

20. Accepted that goals and plans are there to offer a sense of structure, stability and excitement, but they also need to evolve.

21. Started cooking healthier food myself, and listening to my body more than any diet.

22. Got clear that I love caring for animals more than I do babies or children, and that it might suite me to be an Aunty, more than a Mum. (This ones still not decided!).

23. Learnt painfully, that you can survive any break-up, find new love again, and that there is more than one man in the world that is resonantly right for you to love and vice versa.

24. Took a month off in Marrakech, to have my own retreat (maybe back again in September) – one of the best head and heart-clearing things I’ve ever done. 

25. Drove myself in a pick-up truck to go listen to Paul Rodgers live in concert at the Fillmore, San Francisco in '97. I was the youngest Free-fan there by far, but wow, what a voice!

26. Joined The Beautiful Writers Group (with Linda and Danielle). I’ve met some incredible women, that helped elevate the idea that I will be a published author, if I want to be. Importantly, working to a more realistic and self-loving timescale than I had before!

27. Played violin at Abbey Road Studios during a live recording, and surprised myself that I was a good enough musician after all.

28. Started to love and nourish myself first, before anyone else. With true love and care for yourself, you can be a much more centred, creative, contributing and loving human being.


Which of these resonate for you?

What's on YOUR list of the best things you've done so far in your life or business? 

Post a picture up or share a link on our Wild Women Do page, as we'd love to see it! Tag it: ‪#‎BestThingsIEverDid‬.

Love, Marie

Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.