What Inspires You?


How would your life be different if you were to remember that you can inspire yourself, whenever you want?

I've shared some of the things that always inspire me, but make a note of how you'd respond to the same questions, and then ensure you bring those things into your week – every week!

1. What Inspires You?

For me, it's the smallest things that are felt in the moment that I want to bring into my week more:

The innate talent of creatives and beautiful spaces with the ability to evoke emotion deep within.

black and white photograph that draws you into another world. The inner strength and character captured spontaneously in a portrait picture. 

The sensation of silky paper in the notebook I'm creating in. The flow of a fountain pen sketching phrases and images once trapped subconsciously. 

Novels ready to be un-shelved in bookshops with hidden nooks. 

The richness of tone as the violin poignantly resonates during The Lark Ascending and I make a note sound beautiful. 

The ebb and flow of beautiful Italian (or any) lakes with a jetty to dive off and rowing boats to explore with.

The colour of the sunset as it fades. The burnt-orange of a rich tomato sauce about to be shared bubbling on the stove . The olive green of the leaves evolving to Fall.

The smell of roasted garlic smeared onto hot toast with fresh langoustine curved aloft. The taste-test on the tongue in a bustling farmer’s market. 

The ‘Slow’ movement championing mindfulness and sustainability of cultures. The power of a peaceful community who connect and contribute. 

The organic conversation possible only with an emotionally-intelligent and creative mind. The sound of laughter from hearts in-tune.

The reality that we can choose who we are and what we do.  Having the creative and entrepreneurial mind that make that all possible.

2. Who Inspires You? 

For me, it's people who demonstrate the values that inspire me and I want to be around more: 

Creators with the mind, eyes and hands to create wonders

Heartfelt souls who contribute and give their wisdom and time freely

Victors of challenge who still see the beauty in life

Genuine-folk who ask "how are you?" then listen

Risk-takers pioneering paths to new ways of being 

Innovators creating tools to help us live comfortable, safe and connected lives

Entrepreneurs & my clients who produce their dreams and keep going no matter what

3. Where Do You Feel Most Alive?

For me, it's places that represent the values that enable me to breathe easily that I love in my life:

Water: peaceful at the edge of wide-spanning lakes, rolling rivers and crashing oceans

Earth: in pine-scented woods and soft-bedded forests

Wood: in log cabins or boats where the furnishing is soft and crafted

Food: near the stove as the food is almost done and the smell is intoxicating

Love: laughing & experiencing deep-felt pleasure with my loved one or with my know-me-well friends

Creativity: soaking in awe-inspiring art and design or resonating with music that seeps in

Imagination: fulfilment coaching sessions encouraging others to dream wilder than before 

And now to you. What will spark up your heart in 2015?

Take time to answer the questions above, and bring more of those things into your life aright now – don't wait!

If you want to explore what inspires you in a creative setting, consider booking a Wild Women Do Vision session with me (we get to spend 1 or 2 whole days exploring in Paris...).



Image: Marie Milligan


Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.