15 Gift Ideas for Wild Women

What do Wild Women want for Christmas (if they celebrate it)?

As a creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, pioneering and giving woman, you've been giving your all in 2015, and years before that.

Being wild at heart, you're also burning your passion and potential bright, every day. Even if you've not stretched into your version of wild yet, your mind and heart are pulsing out ideas, thoughts, feelings every second of every day.

Every day, you wake up, and notice the want and need of others, and usually, put more time in your day, to serve everyone else, first.

If you've a family, friends, loved ones, pets, colleagues, a team, customers, clients, stakeholders, suppliers and a local community who count on you, who you care for too, then that time for you is even more diminished than it was before.

You seize each day to give and to squeeze zest from your life.

Sound familiar?

It feels good to be a giver, to care, to succeed, to get stuck in to everything and to help everyone, but wow, does it exhaust you too!  

Now, my lovely, it's time to nourish yourself first.

Put a full stop after any doubt or "but..." that's going to pop into your mind.

Self-love and self-care don't have the word selfish anywhere near it. To love and care for yourself first, is the smartest move you could do if you then want to help anyone else too.

Consider what you'd like to receive from you, and from anyone else in your life who is asking the question, "What do you want (for Christmas)?".

Here are 15 ideas of what you could gift yourself or ask for this holiday season, and in 2016!

Tip: Have a pen ready to note down which resonate with you most of all. Each one you choose will open up a value you hold dear right now, might be craving, and need. For every option, there are a variety of ways you could give yourself that gift – and the beautiful thing is, these options are unique and truly bespoke to you!

So, when you've got a pen and paper to hand, read through and listen to your heart. 

15 Gift Ideas for Wild Women

  1. Time. For you first; to be, do and experience your heart's desire.
  2. Space. The space to switch off, to flow, to feel however you want. 
  3. Calm. To feel tranquil, still, clear, peace-of-mind, centred, and soft deep within.
  4. Relaxation. To do absolutely nothing but rest your mind, body and heart.
  5. Connection. To have the conditions to feel resonant with people and planet.
  6. Sisterhood. To be rooted in friendship, love and unconditional support.
  7. Love. To luxuriate in the warmth of a hand and heart, including your own.
  8. Energy. To be reignited from within, to feel refuelled and awake.
  9. Creativity. To dream, imagine, to vision, to make, sculpt, craft, to do.
  10. Play. To be fun, silly, to let go of responsibility, to feel joy with no agenda. 
  11. Adventure. To discover, to lead the way, to go see the world you live in. 
  12. Exploration. To wander, to be curious, to take a different path.
  13. Soul-food. To be deeply nourished, rooted, grounded and feeling good.
  14. Contribution. To be aware, to care, to take part and give if you choose.
  15. Courage. To be strong, brave, daring, to take the risk to do what feels good.

"What do you really want for Christmas?" 

Now, let your Wild Woman's true desire speak up.

Love, Marie x



Pass On This Gift to Your Loved Ones

Share this post with any woman you know deserves some time for herself and to any loved one who wants to give you something unique.

Is there something on this list that would have more meaning than any other present you could give your wild sisters and friends?

Could this list spark some unique ideas for your partner who struggles to buy you something you don't already have, and that you really want?

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Love, Marie x

Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.