10 Reasons You're Hiding From Success & 3 Quick Solutions

Image: Lea Dubedout, Unsplash.com

Image: Lea Dubedout, Unsplash.com

There are times in your business when you just want to hide. Run from responsibility. Get under the duvet covers. Turn off the lights. Put the “closed” sign up. Show the "for sale" sign too.

You know visibility is key to reaching your dreams and goals, yet all you want to do is be invisible for awhile.

Even though you sense you're at the turning point of an important stage of finally declaring and taking the action to do and have what you really want, you feel like giving it all up.

If you're feeling like this today, you are not alone. Others in business are feeling exactly the same. More than you realise.

Understanding why you want to hide is the first step.

Here are 10 reasons you might be hiding from having the success you want. See how many you tick to be true for you.

  1. You haven’t yet defined what success is for you (without the influence of others).
  2. You don’t know what your big dream really is, or if you do, you’ve lost sight of it.
  3. You are simply exhausted and need to rest and take care of you first.
  4. You don’t have clear goals, milestones or actions to know how to reach your goal.
  5. You are overwhelmed by the volume of what you imagine might need to be done.
  6. You have lost control of your diary and your time.
  7. You are letting your inner child who is resistant and scared of responsibility take the helm.
  8. You are listening to and believing an old inner saboteur with a message that tells you that you’re not capable of reaching this success goal.
  9. You maybe are doubting that you want to do this thing called business after all. It seems just too hard right now (perhaps forgetting how hard employment is too).
  10. You are procrastinating because you fear that the productivity needed to reach the goal could send you into overwhelm or burnout.

If you are experiencing any of these blocks in the way of you having what you want, here are 3 fast solutions you can put in place, now.

1. Take a full day off with nothing on your menu related to business.

9/10 times you will be wanting to hide because you will mostly likely need that time off to rest, refresh, refuel. Turn off your phone, get under the duvet if you want to. Put the “out of office” sign on your business.

The consequences of you doing this are not as grave as you think. In fact, the benefits are greater than you can imagine. The sooner you do this first step, the faster you will regain the strength and courage to do what needs to be done, including, asking for support.

2. Get a Coach you resonate with to help you overcome the inner and outer blocks in the way of you reaching your version of success.

Start with refreshing your dream and vision. Rewrite your key goals, clarify your milestones, plan your action checklist, refocus your plan, then realign your schedule with it all.

You can read and listen to all the free guides and webinars you want but they're not going to help you work at the deeper level you need to understand and reframe those limiting beliefs prohibiting you being the strong woman you really are.

Working privately and confidentially with a professional Coach will help you steer your life and business towards fulfilment and success faster than doing this alone.

3. Commit to the change, the improvement needed and letting go of what's not priority or relevant.

This might sound obvious, but one of the greatest things that those who hire a coach fail to do, is be committed to the idea coaching will transform your way of thinking and doing, and ultimately improve your life or business experience.

It won’t be the same as before and that is exactly the point. Coaching is about evolving you forwards towards your dreams with grace, simplicity and ease.

If you want to stop hiding from your business and your version of success, these 3 steps will bring relief, clarity and provide a map to you having more of what you want, sooner, not later. 

Book a Discovery Call with me today to discuss the possibility of working with me as your Creative Life and Business Coach so you can feel back in charge.

We can work together in person or online at a pace that will bring back your visibility with a sense of peace.

Love, Marie 


Marie Milligan

I'm the Founder of Wild Women Do, a coaching network and movement for creative, entrepreneurial women needing support to create and launch something inspirational. A Holistic Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I love nothing better than helping you release your creative spirit, and get your ideas expressed and done.