My name's Marie and I believe every woman has a powerfully creative-spirit that when expressed fully can inspire and positively impact the world.

I founded Wild Women Do in 2014 as a remedy for inspirational women who've disconnected from their true self and creative purpose, have been pulled away from their desired lifestyle, and lost some of the courage that inspired them to create and build their business in the first place.

While bottom lines might run their days, beneath it all they’re still Wild Women, fiery with passion and visionary ideas they want to contribute with and change the world.

They just need to give themselves the time and support to refresh their sense of life and business direction, reconnect with their creative source, reawaken their Wild Woman spirit and take courageous action.

That's where I can help.

As a Holistic Creative Business Coach and Consultant, Entrepreneurship Educator and Writer, I’m privileged to work with incredible women on the verge of creating something extraordinary.

Together, we’ll bolster your clarity, focus and mindset so you can choose which ideas or creation to bring to life, and have the plan and courage to work on it till it’s done. At the same time, we’ll take all the love and truth you’ve poured into your brand, polish it up, and get you ready for your next creative launch.

Start to dream and explore more, and do what you really desire.


You might be thinking: 

“Marie, I’ve got an endless to-do list, a team relying on me, clients to care for, bills to pay, and I haven’t had a day off in weeks. How is it possible to find time & the energy to create, change business direction, and still make the profit I need? How can I get back my ‘creative flow’ when I’m not sure what that means anymore?”

I get it. It may seem impossible before you know the way. But as a creative woman, it’s a damn shame that you rarely make time for you, or to create your passion project first!

Wouldn’t you rather live a life where you weren’t always wiped out from serving others or being a mistress of multi-tasking, too ‘busy’ to complete a creation you really love?

I challenge you to start taking charge of this life of yours before you regret that you didn’t stand up for what you want. 

Why? Because I’ve walked this path myself. 

I've endured career change, the startup journey, the rebranding challenge and all manner of life and business challenges while transitioning to the creative, independent lifestyle I want.  

Want to Know the Full Story? 

In 2005, I was a multi-instrumental orchestral musician with years of training, yet rarely played for pleasure. 

I felt anxious and tired every time I took to the stage for a pay-check, and often questioned if I was really good enough, when often hired to lead.

I had childhood dreams of being a published author…but didn't make time to write.

Deep within, the fiery-spirited girl I once was began to push me to get up and make a change. She believed anything was possible. She was wilder and bolder and wanted me to remember.

follow your heart and create with purpose

In that time, I quit my music job and joined Cultural Enterprise Office in an informational advisory role to support other creatives to startup and manage self-employment with ease.

I become a certified Co-active Life and Business Coach as I wanted more powerful questions and methods to get to the heart of the problem quicker when entrepreneurs emailed daily with business challenges and inner blocks in the way of their career goals.

I moved to London to teach entrepreneurship skills to creative-doers and innovative startups at the University of the Arts London, including world-class Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. I needed to educate future startups sooner to prevent the challenges before they graduated.

I spent a year as an Entrepreneurship Career Consultant for King's College London, consulting across the University of London and coaching professionals in their C2 Consultancy brand.

After coaching, designing leadership and entrepreneurship programs, and teaching creative-thinking and business skills to students from every sector – scientists, technology-whizzes, innovators and engineers, economists, lawyers, medics, psychologists, world leaders, holistic practitioners and more – the time came for me to return to my creative, independent roots, and help other women do the same.

Express Your Creativity and Nourish the Soul

Now, I run Wild Women Do as an international coaching, consultancy, training and writing business from Little Venice, London – with it's aim to inspire women to create to inspire the globe. 

It isn't always idyllic, and I never imagined it would be, as I know that every creative, entrepreneurial road comes with it’s own set of obstacles. I’ve had tears of frustration. Times when I've thought ‘I can’t do this’. Torn up countless plans to start from scratch, and focused on the wrong unauthentic path. I’ve compared, worried, and felt overwhelmed, and failed entirely. 

With time, investment in my development, and experience, I've learnt and built strategies to overcome every challenge with a clear strategy, courage and grace. My journey has been worth every minute for the sense of freedom and fulfilment I feel from living my creative truth, creating my ideas, sharing wisdom, to help others live their creative dreams too.

Alongside passion and expertise, I've sprinkled in a big dose of intuition, a dash of adventure and creative-soul, to serve you the ingredients of this Wild Women Do sisterhood and resource. Welcome in, I hope you find exactly what you need.